General information:-

Lot of machinery developed by state agriculture department as well as, private organization to deal with crop residue(mainly paddy straw ) like as, reaper cum binder, rakes and baler, rotavator, zero till seed drill, happy seeder, combo happy seeder and turbo happy seeder in the last three decades. but all the machinery has some unavoidable  issues in practical field implementation , so not adopted at large scale among farmers. now a new machinery option bring a picture that is super straw management system(SMS) in which an additional equipment attached with the combine harvester so it cut standing stubble in  the small  pieces and spread on the soil surface. In this crop harvesting and straw management both  done in a single operation through modified combine harvesters.

Adverse impact of rice residue burning:-

The problem of crop residue burning has been intensifying over time and spreading across the Indian Sub-continent.The NASA satellite images of early November 2016 (peak period of rice residue burning) depicts the burning hot spots across south Asia and shows that the intensity of rice residue burning in Punjab, Haryana, western Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand is very high, resulting in deterioration of air quality in vast geographical area. Crop residue is contributing to atmospheric pollution that has serious environment, soil, and human health as well as economic implications due to release of large amounts of air pollutants. Therefore, a concerted collective action to solve the problem of crop residue burning is urgently required.

Innovative Viable Solution to Rice Residue Burning:-

The straw management system (SMS) named as Super-SMS has been developed and commercialized by Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, to equip the combine harvesters with mechanized straw spreaders, which help in uniformly spreading the rice residue as a part of the process of harvesting rice. Harvesting of rice by super SMS fitted combine harvesters allows concurrent sowing of wheat, which saves time, energy and one irrigation by utilizing the residual moisture of rice fields.This system is perfect to manage the loose paddy straw coming out of harvester combine. This loose straw is a main culprit forcing the farmers to burn it in the open field. Being regulatory body to curb and control air pollution in the state. Punjab Agriculture University has recommended that super SMS be attached to combine harvesters which cuts the paddy straw in a small pieces. Therefore farmers are not required to burn the paddy straw before sowing the next crop.

Advantages of SMS- fitted with combines:-

Use of SMS- fitted with combines has distinct production, economic, environmental and societal advantages like:

  • Increase in average yield of wheat by 2-4% compared to conventional till wheat.
  • Economical cost of production, through savings in the cost of labor, fuel, chemicals, etc
  • Produces more crops per drop of water.
  • Reduces risk of biotic and biotic stresses.
  • Improves soil health.
  • Improves environment.
  • Improves health of on-farm and off-farm workers.

How to use:-

  • This operator’s manual describes how to use this SMS correctly and safely and precautions for using it. Read this manual carefully before using the SMS. Keep this manual close to your Combine, after you have read through it.

Things to be check & Service:-

  • Always Keep Spared blade while working in the field.
  • Use always genuine spare parts and never modify by yourself.
  • Be sure to check and service before and after using the SMS.
  • Be sure to stop the engine of combine when you carry out check, service and repair, or cleaning.
  • Always check the V belts attached with combine to SMS.
  • Do not touch any pulley or belts while engine of combine is working.
  • Never stand behind the combine while working in the field.
  • Don’t wear loose clothing or muffler to avoid from being caught in a control lever or rotating part.
  • Please check it’s all the bolts and nuts regularly.
  • Stones and other debris projected by the moving parts can travel a long distance. Always stay at a safe distance from the machine.

Major Parts of Super SMS:-

  • Blade Rotor
  • Side Adjustment Arm
  • Blade Spacer
  • Knob Blade Spacer
  • Rotor Blade
  • Front Blade
  • Front blade Frame
  • Front Cutter Adjust- ment Plate
  • Deflector
  • Hopper Side Plate

Things you have to do daily/Weekly/Every 500 hours


  • Lubricate rotor bearing with grease gun .
  • Tighten all the belts.


  • Check all rotor blade if any damage please replace.
  • Check all bolt and nuts.
  • Check pulley & Belts.


  • Clean or Wash it.

Before Operation in the field:-

  • Before operation in the field there are some points which you have to notify:
  • Do not modify it by yourself and always use genius spare parts.
  • Do not operate SMS Above 2000 RMP.

If you are unable to understand anything about the SMS please contact to the company or a dealer