General Information:-

A rotavator is a useful piece of machinery when it comes to soil preparation. These versatile pieces of farming equipment is a motorised machine which uses rotating blades to turn soil. In their essence rotavators are earth turning equipment which perform a similar function to cultivators and tillers.Rotary Tillers allow the tiller to work safely under our hanging branches and close to green houses. It can be also used for the inter cultivation tillage.

Rotavator Tiller produces a fine seed bed with one or two passes before and after rain. It is most suitable for the removal of stubble sugarcane, wheat, banana, cotton. It retains soil moisture and increases soil porosity and areation, which enhance germination and growth of crops. It can immediately prepare the soil, the soil moisture of previous crop does not go waste.

Rotavator is better than conventional tillage equipments because it saves time, fuel, soil compaction & wear and tear of the tractor as it accomplishes better pulverization in shortest time. It leaves the worked soil perfectly levelled. Stubbles & residues of previous crop are chopped into pieces and thoroughly mixed in soil to form organic manure. No need for multiple operations of cultivator, disc harrow and leveller. Puddling in wet fields is done smoothly, quickly & efficiently. Sealed bearings prevent moisture/mud entry, resulting in longer bearing protection.

Fuel expenses saving can be to the tune of 15% TO 35%
Pudding in wet fields is done smoothly, quickly and efficiently
Suitable to use in dry as well as wet land cultivation.
Suitable for light and medium soil conditions.
Used for loosening and aerating soil up to depth of 125 mm- 1500 mm.
Prepares seed bed quickly and economically.


  • The warranty applicable to your machine is detailed on separate documentation which should accompany this manual.


  • The Serial Number and Model are stamped on the Identification Plate attached to your Rotavator.

Safety precautions of Rotavator:-

Please Read. It May Save A Life. Safety Is Your Responsibility.

  • Rotavator with as many safety features as possible.
  • The retailer’s responsibility is to ensure you have selected the correct Rotavator for your tractor/application and to commission this machine.
  • Your Responsibilities as owner or operator are to ensure the safety of any personnel in connection with; the operation, transport, maintenance or storage of this Rotavator. Be aware of your responsibilities and carry them  out.
  • Failure to comply with the given instruction could result in severe injury or death. If you have questions not answered in this manual please contact with the company. If you require more copies of this manual please contact the company.

Every Time:-

  • Use the Rotavator only for the purpose for which it has been designed, and in accordance with the instructions in this operator’s manual.
  • Ensure that only responsible, properly instructed people operate this machinery. Inexperienced operators will require training, followed initially by careful supervision.
  • Children are not permitted to operate this machinery.
  • Keep children well clear and appropriately supervised when connecting / disconnecting the tractor, operating or maintaining this machinery?
  • Do not wear clothes that are loose fittng or with drawstring ties which can catch in moving parts.
  • Wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment. Boots are a minimum, however if your tractor is not fitted with a controlled Environment cab you may also need protection from prolonged exposure either to noise, dust or sunlight.
  • Interpret ‘Left ’ and ‘Right’ as if seated in the operators seat and facing forward.


  • Read and understand this manual.
  • The tractor to be connected to the Rotavator: – Must be the tractor that the Rotavator has been commissioned to operate with. Check that it has been correctly maintained and has not been re-configured (for example front weights removed etc) which may reduce stability and control.
  • Prior to starting the tractor ensure the PTO is disengaged and the tractor is in neutral.
  • Do not allow anyone to stand between the tractor and Rotavator while backing the tractor up to attach it.

Visually inspect the Rotavator and check : –

  • Hitch pins and drive shaft are secure. and all bolts are tight.
  • Guards, covers, warning labels and safety devices are all correctly fitted and operative.
  • Maintenance as per schedule has been carried out.
  • No tools or other unsecured items have been left on the Rotavator.
  • Progress slowly initially and check stability, steering and braking are satisfactory.
  • Ensure the work area is clear, especially of children or animals.


  • Do not attempt to start the tractor or engage the PTO until correctly seated in the driver’s seat.
  • Never leave the tractor running unattended.
  • Do not allow passengers on the Rotavator.

Never attempt to make adjustments or perform maintenance functions while the Rotavator is operating.

  • Allow the Rotavator sufficient time to cool down before performing any maintenance, or changing gears in the Multi-speed gearbox. [Oil and other transmission components may be hot enough to inflict burns.
  • Disengage the PTO when transporting the implement or when not in use.
  • NEVER place hands or feet under the Rotavator.
  • NEVER touch the blades or attempt to free any jammed obstacle while the tractor engine is running. The clutch may be slipping and removal of any obstruction may allow the blades to rotate, the result possibly being serious injury.
  • NEVER Touch any moving parts of the Rotavator or parts which may be hot from opertaion. Check oil levels whilst the Rotavator is running.

Things You Have To Do Daily / Weekly / Every 500 Hours:-


 1. Lubricate PTO spiders with grease gun

 2. Lubricate right hand stub axle with grease gun


 1. Top up the gearbox with oil CL 140

 2. Top up the side drives with oil CL 140

 3. Tighten fasteners


 1. Drain, flush and fill the gear box with CL 140

 2. Drain, flush and fill the side drive with CL 140

 Precautions to be taken before carrying out any operation on the machine:-

  • Before leaving the tractor or before adjusting, maintaining or repairing the machine, disengage the PTO drive.
  • Turn off the engine, remove and ignition key and wait until all moving parts have come to a complete stop.

Never Modify By Yourself:-

  • Use always genuine spare parts and never modify by yourself.


  • Be sure to check and service after and before use of Raja Rotavator.

Perform Periodical Check and Service:-

  • Perform periodical check and service at least annual or every 1000 hours operations when the time comes earlier.

Follow Traffic Regulation When Driving On Road:-

  • Observe traffic regulations when driving on road.

Beware of dashing of the tractor in rotary work:-

  • During rotary tilling work, the tractor may dash suddenly in a field of hard soil condition, and/or there are hard object such stones, wood or stump, or much straws etc. in a field. The rotating blades push the tractor when blades hit hard objects.

Prevent the rotary from falling down when checking and servicing:-

  • At the time of check and service, close hydraulic slow/stop valve to prevent the rotary from falling down. In addition, put stands under skids or tilling blade shaft for safety.

Reinstall Removed Covers:-

  • Be sure reinstalling covers that were removed for servicing.

Be Sure a Rotation Part Stops:-

  • Move PTO gear shift lever to the neutral position and stop the engine. Be sure the rotating parts stop completely  when performing check and service.

Never Allow Bringing a Person Close Up To The Tractor And Rotary:-

  • When driving the tractor to detach/attach the rotary, keep people away from the tractor and rotary.

Lights and Indications:-

  • Before transporting the machine on public roads, ensure that all legally required lights and indicators are in place.
  • Ensure that lights and indicators are clean and in a good working order. Replace any missing or broken equipment.


  • Stones and other debris projected by the moving parts can travel a long distance. Always stay at a safe distance
  • from the machine.

PTO shaft:-

  • Use only PTO shafts supplied with the machine recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure that the PTO shaft guards and secured with the safety chains provided. Do not wear loose clothing that could be caught in the rotating PTO shaft.
  • Before removing or attaching the PTO shaft, or before doing any work on the machine, disengage the PTO drive, turn off the engine, remove the ignition key and wait for all the moving parts have come to a complete stop.
  • Ensure that the PTO shaft is always correctly fitted and locked into place.
  • Before connecting the PTO please ensure that the PTO speed and direction of rotating are in the line with manufacturer’s recommendation.