Application of Science and Technology in agriculture

Science and technology play an important role in every field.

Here the application of Science and Technology in agriculture generally refers to improving the crop yield, protecting the crop against diseases and pests, the method to store the crops for long life, healthy and high yielding livestock’s and also predicting the whether.

Agricultural Machinery Made In India

As you know today’s agriculture is evolved so much. It uses advanced technologies such as robots, sensors to measure temperature and moisture, aerial images from satellites, remote sensing, and also GPS technologies.

The use of these technologies not only increases profits and yields but also helps to make more environmental-friendly practices.

Basic Use of Science in Agriculture

Crop Rotation and Use of Chemicals

Science helps us understand, what is the necessity of rotating a crop and fertilizing the soil to improve the soil health, increase the yield, and also keep it environment friendly.

Crop Rotation is a method of planting different crops one after the other on the same farm to improve soil health and also to fight against pests.

Water Sampling

Today water Sampling is done in most area to check whether the water complies with water quality standards such as is it suitable for drinking for both Humans and Animals, is good for cultivation.

In Water Sampling, water is collected from a particular region and tested for quality and other standards.


Drone Technology In Agriculture

Earlier, in developed countries Aircraft were used for putting fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

Today these were replaced by Drones. As Drones a cheaper, even in developing like India, Brazil, etc. Drones are used in Agriculture.

Drones have multiple applications, as drone uses cameras which are used for crop health monitoring and also to gather, analyses other agriculture-related pieces of information.

How science and technology are helping Indian agriculture?

During British India and immediately after the freedom, India was heavily dependent upon other countries even for food grains such as wheat, Barley, rice, etc.

India had to import food grains in exchange for precious minerals.

Immediately after the Independence, the Nehru Government took several aggressive steps to improve agriculture at a rapid rate and to become self-sufficient as soon as possible.

The Nehru-led Indian government was very much aware that the application of Science and Technology in agriculture is the most important thing to be done immediately.

Organic Farming

Organic Food

Agriculture method that relies on animal manure, organic waste, crop rotation, legumes, and biological pest control. It avoids chemicals.


The application of Science and Technology in agriculture helped India achieve self-sufficiency in food grains. Due to this India went on to become one of the largest exporters of several food grains and livestock in the world.

Today the future the Science and Technology in agriculture should work more on eco-friendly techniques such as organic farming.

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