Bihar Beej Anudan Yojana: Get Quality Seeds at Low Cost, Phone Number and Important Links Here

Good quality seed is important for good crop yield. Some farmers afford to buy good quality seeds but there are many others who cannot buy it due to financial issues. Hence, to help these farmers, the Bihar government has launched a special scheme known as Bihar Beej Anudan yojana. It is important to mention that Bihar Beej Anudan Yojana is being run by Bihar Government and Bihar Seed Corporation Limited (BRBN). Under this scheme quality seeds are provided at low cost.
What is Bihar Beej Anudan Yojana?
Bihar Beej Anudan Yojana is one of the valuable schemes of Bihar Government. Under this scheme, farmers can apply online and purchase seeds at 50 percent discounted price. Important thing to mention is that seed is the important part of production for farmers, as the whole farming and production of crop depends on the quality of seed. If seeds will be of good quality, crop production can increase by 20-25 percent.
Conditions of Bihar Beej Anudan Yojana :-Seeds must be used for farming purpose only.
Do not burn the residue after harvesting.
Seeds must be taken after the application, otherwise you will be deprived of agriculture department’s plans for the next three years.
A farmer can purchase the seeds for maximum 5 acre of land under this scheme.
Farmer has to give Rs. 2/kg for home delivery of wheat seeds.
For the home delivery of pulses/oioseeds, the fee is Rs. 5/kg.
Documents required for Bihar Beej Anudan Yojana :- Farmer Registration number, Aadhar card, Bank passbook.
Don’t forget, when you will go to collect the seeds, you will be asked for Aadhar card and Bank passbook.
Application Process for Bihar Beej Anudan Yojana :-
First step to go to the website of DBT Agriculture Bihar .
After then, click on seed grant application.
Then read and tick on terms and conditions to apply for the seed and click on the accept button.
Then enter your farmer registration number and search.
After that, fill the seeds you want to purchase and the required quantity.
Demand Slip will be generated, take two prints of it, one you need to submit to your farmer advisor and carry one with you only.
At the time of sowing, when seeds will be distributed in your block, you can collect seeds by showing the slip.


Indira Awas Yojana Online: Get Your Own House in Just 21 Days; Eligibility, Important Details Inside

Indira Awas Yojana Form: Under the Indira Awas Yojana, the central government has now set a target to provide brick house to the rural and urban poor by the year 2022. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, a social welfare program launched in 2015, aims to provide affordable housing to the rural poor as well as the urban poor. Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, beneficiaries will get up to 6.5% advance interest subsidy on home loans for 20 years along with various other benefits. At present, Indira Awaas Yojana is known as Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.
Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana is still active:-All those people who are eligible to apply for the PMAY scheme, but have not yet availed it, still have time to benefit from the scheme by submitting the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana application form online. The last date to apply for the PMAY scheme for the families falling under the EWS / LIG income group is 31 March 2022. However, for families falling under Middle Income Group I and II, the last date to apply for PMAY CLSS is 31 March 2021.
How to Apply Only for PMAY?
To apply online for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, people need to follow these steps:
Visit PMAY's official website at! Under the 'Citizen Assessment' drop-down menu, select the 'Benefit' option under the other 3 components. Enter your Aadhaar or Virtual ID and name as per Aadhaar. You will be taken to a new page where you will have to fill the PMAY application form online! Click on the disclaimer checkbox, enter captcha and click the 'Save' button.
PMAY Online Application Form:-
Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana online application form is available on the official website of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.
While filling the form, applicants are required to fill the following details:-State, Name, District Name, Name of the city, Your personal information, Permanent Address, Mobile Number, Aadhaar / Virtual ID No. , BPL Card Number (if applicable).
Important guidelines on filling the PMAY online application form:-Fill up the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana application form available on the official website of the ministry or at the registered Common Service Center (CSC).
Platforms other than these two are not authorized to accept PMAY registrations.Before filling the online application form, keep all the documents required to apply for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PM Awas Yojana) ready.
Submit wrong information on the application form, fill all the details correctly, rejection can be done. Aadhaar number is mandatory to apply online for PMAY scheme.
Individuals without Aadhaar card can apply for it from their nearest Common Service Center (CSC).


PM Kisan: Government to Transfer Seventh Instalment in your account from December 1; Check Beneficiary Status & Other Important Updates

The central government is preparing to send Rs. 2000 rupees to your bank account under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. The seventh installment of PM Kisan scheme will start coming in your account from December 1. After four days, the government will transfer the money to your account. Under PM Kisan yojana, farmers are given Rs. 6000 annually. So far six installments have been sent to the farmers. In the last two years, the Modi government has transferred more than Rs 95 crore directly in to 11.17 crore farmers' account.Farmers who have registered themselves under this scheme should immediately check the beneficiary list whether their name is in it or not.
How to check PM Kisan list online:-First you have to visit the official website of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi -
Go to Farmers Corner section.
After this, click on Beneficiary list.
Now enter State, District, Sub-District, Block, Village
Click on get report.
After doing this process, you will now know whether your name is in PM Kisan Samman Nidhi or not. If your name is in the list then you will definitely get Rs. 2000. Apart from this, you can also check your status in the website or through PM Kisan mobile app.
How to check PM Kisan status online:- First you have to visit the official website -
Go to Farmers Corner section.
After this, click on Beneficiary status.
Now enter either your Aadhar Number or Account Number or Mobile Number.
Click on get data.
PM Kisan help line numbers:-If your name is not in the list then you can call at the numbers given below and ask them or register your complaint;
Landline number - 011-24300606, 23381092, 23382401
Toll Free Number - 18001155266
PM Kisan Helpline Number - 155261
Another helpline number - 0120-6025109
Email ID -


Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana: Get Life Insurance worth Rs. 2 lakhs at just Rs 330; Check Eligibility, Benefits & Other Details

India Post Payments Bank collaborates with PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited to introduce Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY). The scheme provides life cover on death of the insured member because of any reason. Managing director & chief executive officer of India Post Payments Bank, J. Venkatramu said "Products like PMJJBY help to encourage a culture of buying affordable insurance amongst this segment of population".He said "PMJJBY takes forward the Government’s mission of creating a universal social security net for needy & disadvantaged sections”.
Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana Details:-Check out the details of PMJJBY below;
Eligibility of Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana:- In order to open an account under PMJJBY, Aadhaar card will be the main ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) document.A person should be at least 18 years old to register for the scheme. The maximum age limit is 50 years.
Benefits of PMJJBY:- Fixed sum of Rs. 2 lakh is payable to the nominee upon the death of the insured member. No maturity benefit / surrender benefit is payable under this scheme.You will have to pay a premium of just Rs. 330 / annum. The scheme will be a 1-year cover and renewable from year to year. The fixed timeline is 1 June to 31 May every year. The premium would be deducted from person’s savings account yearly. The first premium will depend on the quarter in which the scheme is opted. Customers will have to maintain sufficient balance in the account.Risk coverage - The death benefit will be given to the nominee of the policyholder on the occurrence of death after 45 days of registration. No cooling period will be required for the deaths due to accidents.Tax benefits can be availed on the premium that is paid under the policy under Section 80C of Income Tax Act.PMJJBY form is available in different Indian languages. These include English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bangla, Kannada, Odia, Marathi, Telugu and Tamil. For more information related to Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana click here -
PMJJBY Helpline number:-For more information about this policy, you can call at 1800-180-1111 / 1800-110-001 (toll free number)



FARMING EXPO-Hyderabad 2021

Farming Expo is a great opportunity for the stakeholders of the agricultural sector to meet each other and will meet their needs. The best agricultural technologies, equipment and machinery, seeds and fertilizers, farming pests, pest control methods, farmer safety at the Farming Expo Equipment and practices, storage and packaging technologies, and allied industries on one platform. Starting operations in the year 2013, Media Day Marketing is a premier business exhibition company, which organizes B2B exhibitions and conferences with a competitive edge in the Indian market. Agriculture has been the backbone of the Indian economy since ages. After destroying the Indian sunbonnet along many rivers, the land in India provided very good land for agriculture and became the land of one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Being one of the world's most densely populated countries, India's share in agricultural production is also high and the region contributes about 18% of GDP. India is one of the top 10 agricultural exporting countries in the world and more than 50% of its work force is directly or indirectly involved in the agricultural sector.

Venue:- Hitex Exhibition Center, Hydrabad
Date:- 26-27-28 Feb 2021


Commercial Beekeeping in India: Check out the Loans & Subsidies given to Beekeepers

In this piece of writing, we have some important information for Beekeepers and those who want to step in to beekeeping business…!!In India, Beekeeping is becoming a growing farming business now-a-days, and is also proving to be profitable. Some are doing beekeeping as a part time work, and some are making it a primary source of income. So, here we are sharing some useful information related to commercial beekeeping.Here is all the information about commercial beekeeping subsidies and loans.
Commercial Beekeeping Subsidy:- For the people who are new in the world of beekeeping, government is providing full support. And there are some boards which are providing help for this. National Honey Bee Board NBB is one of the most supportive board in this field.There are many schemes run by National Bee Board which are benefitting beekeepers and they are also providing training to those who are interested to work in this field. You can get all the necessary information about this from the official website,
Government is also providing the support in marketing of honey, which is one of the most important and difficult stage of beekeeping.
Commercial Beekeeping Loan:- IDBI bank is providing loan for commercial beekeeping in India known as Beekeeping Madhu Makshika Palan. This bank is proving loan to the individual farmers and also to the non-farmers. And SHGs, NGOs can also apply for this loan. They provide loan for setting up units for production of honey.
You can get subsidy for this loan from governmental bodies including KVIC, KVIB, DRDA.
You will have to pay this loan back within 5-7 years. Yu can pay this loan in quarterly or half-yearly instalment.
IDBI bank is giving 11-month gestation period for this loan.


Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana: Get 90% subsidy under Drip System, 75% under Sprinkler System, Apply before 30 Nov

Micro irrigation, also known as low volume irrigation is an advanced irrigation system through which water is given at short intervals through specially constructed pipes in the root zone of the plant. And the best part about this is, 60 percent less water is consumed in this as compared to the traditional irrigation system.Under this, drip irrigation system, sprinkler irrigation system, and rain-gun irrigation techniques are used. In this, there are water distribution lines and similar control head systems, and fertilizer tanks.
Advantages of Micro Irrigation System :-
If fertilizer is treated by adopting this irrigation system, it saves around 25-30 percent fertilizer.
This irrigation system increases the productivity of the crop by 40 to 50 percent and the quality of the product is also high.
This irrigation system also reduces the weed congestion, due to which cost of workers is also reduced and, diseases in plants are also reduced.
What is Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana?
To promote this irrigation system, in the year 2015-16,the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana has been started by the government of India. Talking about the present condition, in Bihar, this irrigation system is adopted in about 0.5 percent of the total area covered under farming. The agriculture road map 2017-22 aims to establish this system in at least 2 percent of the total area covered so as to increase the productivity and production of vegetables and fruits in Bihar.Under this scheme, state government is providing additional top-up to the farmers. There is a provision to provide 90 percent subsidy to all categories of farmers under drip system and 75 percent under sprinkler system.
Direct Link to Apply for Beneficiary :-An official portal has been established to make the information of the scheme accessible to each and every farmer. In that, all the information about the scheme is explained in detail. State governments can apply for registration or application on the website of the agriculture department of their state. If you want to apply for this scheme, you can get information related to the application by visiting the website of the Agriculture Department of your state. To avail the benefits of Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, you can go through these links and get the information about scheme and online application.


Kisan Credit Card: Govt Releases New Interest Rate on KCC Loan; Know How much Interest will be Charged Now

Kisan Credit Card New Interest Rate: The Kisan Credit Card scheme was launched in 1998 with the objective of providing short-term formal loans to farmers. Amid the corona crisis, government has announced new interest rate on Kisan Credit Card.Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently launched a saturation campaign for distribution of Kisan Credit Card Yojana to all beneficiaries under PM Kisan Yojana in Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh. Under this initiative, KCC (KCC Scheme) has been provided to more than 25 lakh beneficiaries of PM Kisan across the country and more than 2,000 bank branches in rural areas have been tasked with providing KCC to farmers.
KCC Loan Interest Rate:-For loans under the KCC scheme, the farmer has to pay simple interest at the rate of 7 percent per annum for one year per year or till the due date, whichever is earlier. In the event of non-repayment within the due dates, interest is charged on the Kisan Credit Card rate. However, if they fail to pay within the due date, the interest will be reduced half-yearly. However, the crops for which loans have been given, the repayment period can be fixed according to the anticipated harvesting and marketing period for them.
Who is Eligible for Kisan Credit Card?
All Farmers - Individuals / Joint Farmers Tenant farmers, oral cum and share crops etc. SHG or joint liability group consisting of ten farmers.
Documents required to apply for Kisan Credit Card:-Duly filled application form! Identity proof- Voter ID card / PAN card / Passport / Aadhaar card / Driving license etc.! Address proof: Voter ID / Passport / Aadhaar Card / Driving License etc.
Who is eligible for this loan?
According to the official website of SBI-, all the farmers who are owner-cultivators, tenant farmers, oral workers, sharecroppers etc, single holding groups (SGH) or joint farmer groups, tenants including farmers are eligible for Kisan Credit Card loan under Kisan Credit Card Yojana.
How to apply for KCC loan?
Applicants can contact the nearest branches of bank or agriculture department. Or even they can talk to marketing executives visiting the village. All they need to do is fill out an application form with proof of their identity and address. Apart from this, farmers can also apply online for this Kisan Credit Card Yojana. To apply online, farmers have to visit the official website of Kisan Credit Card. On the official website of the scheme, farmers will be shown the option to apply online.


PM Modi launches RuPay Card Phase-2 in Bhutan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 20 launched the phase two of RuPay card virtually by video conference with PM Bhutan Lotay Tshering. Launching the RuPay Card phase-2, PM Modi said that RuPay cards issued by the Bhutan National Bank can be used at ATMs for Rs 1 lakh and Rs 20 lakh at point-of-sale terminals. PM Modi also spoke about a few frameworks signed by both the countries for peaceful usage of space and talked about the boost it’ll give to India-Bhutan ties.He said, “Recently, India and Bhutan signed a framework for Peaceful Usage of Outer Space. This will help institutions in both countries and improve cooperation. India has recently opened its space sector for private enterprises. This will promote capacity, innovation, and skills.” During the launch, PM Modi also welcomed Bhutan’s agreement with BSNL on the Third International Internet Gateway saying India will be fully ready to share its experience and facilities to realize this vision and will support the objective of building an ICT-enabled knowledge-based society in Bhutan. Modi also said that India has recently opened up its space sector to private enterprise, making a huge reform. This will boost capacity, innovation and skills. "I am particularly happy that the work is going on fast to send space to Bhutan's satellite by ISRO next year,” he said. For this, four promising young space engineers from Bhutan will go to ISRO in December. Bhutan Prime Minister Lotay Tshering thanked PM Modi for India’s leadership in handling COVID-19 pandemic. “We’re thankful to you and your government for the assurance to make the vaccine available for Bhutan, once it is ready for clinical use,” he said.“The Excellency’s (PM Modi) leadership in tackling the pandemic at home is highly commended. I am sure India will come out much stronger from the pandemic. The lead that India is taking in developing vaccines is a source of hope for all of us,” Lotay Tshering said.


PM Kisan Status: Government to Transfer Seventh Instalment after 10 days, Check Your Status & Name in Beneficiary List Here

The Government will transfer the seventh installment of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana popularly known as PM-Kisan to farmers' bank account after 10 days. Hence, the beneficiaries must check their PM Kisan status now and make necessary updates or corrections if required.As per reports, lakhs of farmers in India have benefited from this government scheme especially during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Till now government has given six installments of this scheme to the farmers. The seventh installment will be transferred to the farmers’ account in the first week of December 2020.
Check if you will get next PM Kisan installment:-If you are a farmer and have registered for this scheme then it is important to know whether the next installment will come in your account or not. If your name is not in the PM Kisan beneficiary list, then you can raise question or file a complaint and get the money. Here’s what you need to do;

  • First of all go to the official website of PM Kisan Scheme
  • At 'Farmers Corner' section in the homepage, click 'Beneficiary List'.>
  • On clicking 'Beneficiary List' a new page will open. In this page, enter your state, district, sub-district, block and village and click on Get Report.
  • The list will open. Check your name in it.
  • Check PM-Kisan status Online:-In order to check your follow the steps given below;

  • Go to PM Kisan Scheme official website -
  • Click 'Beneficiary status’ and add details.
  • Your updated PM Kisan status will appear on the screen.
    PM Kisan Helpline and Complaint Number:- If your name is not in the new list, then you can file a complaint on PM-Kisan helpline number. For this, you can call @ 011-24300606. You can also register your complaint by clicking the link given below.

    Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan: Get Rs. 10000 loan instantly through PM SVANidhi Mobile App

    More than 27.33 lakh applications have been received under Pradhan Mantri SVANidhi Yojana that was launched few months back by the Central Government. Under this scheme, a loan of Rs. 10,000 for one year is being provided to the street vendors of urban areas without any guarantee.The scheme is part of the Rs 20.97 lakh crore Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign. The street vendors can take loan through 3.8 lakh Common Service Centers (CSC) centres spread across the country and application forms can be uploaded online from the official website or can be obtained from the bank. Out of a total of 27,33,497 applications, 14.34 lakh applications have been approved under the Pradhan Mantri SVANidhi Yojana. Out of this, 7.88 lakh loans have been disbursed so far.  Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra wrote on Twitter, “Under the PM SVANidhi-Pradhan Mantri Street Vendor’s Atma-Nirbhar Nidhi- A Special Micro-Credit Facility Scheme, 27,33, 497 applications have been received out of which 14,34,436 have been sanctioned and about 7,88,438 loans disbursed.”
    Get Loans Instantly through PM SVANidhi mobile app:-If you are facing any problem in getting a loan, then download PM SVANidhi mobile app from the Google Play Store. The objective of launching PM SVANidhi mobile app is to make the process of applying loan easy for street vendors. Through this app, the loan facility can be easily extended to street vendors through employees working in the field of lending institutions like banking representative (BC) and agents of non-banking financial companies (NBFC) or micro-finance institutions (MFI).  Through the PM SVANidhi mobile app, street vendors can get loans through micro-credit facilities without any paperwork. This app has all the same features as PM SVANidhi's web portal.Working capital loans under the Pradhan Mantri SVANidhi Yojana are to be repaid in monthly instalments in a year. On repaying the loan on time, you will get interest subsidy at the rate of 7 per cent every year. This subsidy will go directly to the account of the borrower.


    Aquaponics Farming: Here's Your New Profitable Agriculture Business Plan

    Aquaponics is a sustainable method of raising both fish and vegetables. With this kind of indoor farming, you can grow substantially more food with less water, land, and labour in comparison to that of traditional farming
    Step by Step Setup Guide to Aquaponics Farming:-
    Aquaponics is used to sustainably raise a fish and vegetables in a controlled environment, for a family and village along with generating a year round profit in any climatic conditions in a commercial farming venture. This farming can be done anywhere without any use of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers and is totally safe, easy, and fresh.

    Components Required in an Aquaponics System:-For starting aquaponics, firstly you must understand the aquaponics system components, their design, location, and setup that will work best according to your space. Aquaponic system design can be modified as per the space, from small indoor aquarium to backyard installations to lager commercial systems. Following are the main components of aquaponics farming system.
    1. Aquaponics fish tank:- This tank is home of your aquaponics fish, waste will be stored in this and converted to the form of the plants you can use it in. Size of the tank depends upon your choice, need and personal effort. I can be as small as aquarium at your home and as large as you want. You can also custom build a tank or in-ground pond with some time and effort. And number of plants grown depends on this only, more fishes and larger tank means more and larger variety of plants.
    2. Aquaponic Grow Beds:- These beds will hold your plants and the nitrate rich water. More preferably, darker material grow beds are used, as they prevent light from getting into the roots as it can reduce algae growth. You can consider vertical systems where grow beds are built over each other, or floating beds on the top of the fish tank.
    3. Aquaponic Grow Media:- It is referred to the substance that the plant’s roots grow through. In traditional system, it is soil and for aquaponics system soil is too heavy, plants in an aquaponics system get their nutrients directly from the nitrate rich water. But to give proper support and structure to the plant, crushed rock, hydroponic clay, aquarium gravel can be used.
    4. Bio-filter and Settling Basin:- Through this, nitrification bacteria can grow and convert ammonia into nitrates, through which plants’ roots grow. And through settling basin, uneaten food and detached biofilms are collected.
    Working of Aquaponics System:-In this system, fish naturally produces the nutrients that plants need to grow and survive. Fish are kept in the aquaponics tank and their waste is settled in the bottom, and then it is pumped through the filter to the plants, and grow beds allow plants to absorb nutrients from the fish waste.One more thing to keep in mind is that, in the starting month of hydroponic setup, you need to check the ammonia level and pH.
    Marketing Strategy:-What are some regulatory requirements that will impact your business?
    Who are your target customers?
    Where to setup your system for maximum profit?
    How likely the customers are to buy your product and what you can do for that?
    Can you grow any particular crop that isn’t easily accessible to your customer?
    Can you provide fresh grown crops to your customer easily?
    Along with all these, you also need to focus on the packing strategy, distributing and promoting approaches of your product.
    Operational Strategy & Financial Strategy:-Your financial strategy must include the calculation of all the start-up expenses and estimated operational expenses, and what are your fixed costs and variable costs, and how much profit will you be able to generate. Financial strategy must also include a five-year plan of your aquaponics farming business, how much will you need to give and how much will you be able to get.And talking about operational strategy, it includes the basic approach of your farm size, product management, physical and human resources need, and other regulatory requirements.


    Big Job Opportunity! Apply for 485 Agricultural Field Officer Posts; Check Age, Eligibility, Salary Details Here

    Here’s a good opportunity for those looking for job in agriculture or allied sectors. The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is inviting applications for recruitment of Agricultural Field Officer (Scale 1) in different banks. Eligible and interested candidates must go through the details given below and accordingly apply for the post.
    IBPS Recruitment 2020:Important dates:-On-line registration – 02 Nov 2020- 23 Nov 2020 ,Payment of Application Fees (Online) 02 Nov 2020- 23 Nov 2020 ,Download of call letters for Online exam – (Preliminary) December 2020 , Online Examination – Prelims 26 Dec 2020 and 27 Dec 2020 ,Result Preliminary - January 2021, Download of Call letter for Main exam - January 2021 ,Online Main Examination –24 Jan 2021 ,Result of Online Main Exam - February 2021,Download of call letters for interview - February 2021,Interview - February 2021 ,Provisional Allotment - April 2021.
    Agricultural Field Officer: Job details:-Name of post – Agricultural Field Officer (Scale I) ,No of posts- 485,Age limit - Min- 20 Years and Max-30 Years
    Qualification of Agricultural Field Officer :-Candidates must have a 4 year Degree (graduation) in Agriculture/ Horticulture/Animal Husbandry/ Veterinary Science/ Dairy Science/ Fishery Science/ Pisciculture/ Agricultural Biotechnology/ Food Science/ Agriculture Business Management/ Food Technology/ Dairy Technology/ Agri. Marketing & Cooperation/ Co-operation & Banking/ Agro-Forestry/Forestry/ Agricultural Engineering/ Sericulture.
    Salary - Basic Pay - 23700 – 980 (7) – 30560 – 1145 (2) – 32850 – 1310 (7) - 42020
    How to apply for Agricultural Field Officer post:-Here’s the procedure for applying online,Applicants are first required to go to the official website of IBPS - website and click on the Home Page,Then open the link that says “CRP Specialist Officers” & then click on the option , Now they will have to tap on that says “CLICK HERE FOR NEW REGISTRATION” to register their application. Then enter their basic information.,A provisional registration number & password will be generated by the system and displayed on the screen. Applicants should note down the Provisional registration number & password. A SMS and Email indicating the Provisional Registration number & Password will also be sent. You can reopen the data saved by using Provisional registration number & password & edit the particulars, if required.Applicants will have to upload their – Photograph, Signature, Left Thumb Impression and a hand written declaration given in the annexure.,Candidates are requested to carefully fill in the online application form as no change in any of the data filled will be possible or entertained.,Before submitting the application form they must use the “SAVE AND NEXT” facility to verify their details in the online application form & change the same if needed. No change is allowed after clicking on FINAL SUBMIT Button.
    Selection Procedure:-
    Selection of candidates will be done on the basis of online written test (Prelims & Mains) and interview. Preliminary exam will consist of English Language, Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. Main exam will be professional knowledge test containing 60 questions.


    SBI Integrates YONO Krishi with IFFCO eBazar; Farmers will Now be able to Buy High-Quality Farm Inputs, Agri Machinery Online

    With an aim to digitally empower its farmer customers and make them future ready, State Bank of India (SBI), country’s largest lender has facilitated the integration of YONO Krishi with IFFCO eBazar under its Mandi section. With this integration, SBI’s farmer customers can avail free home delivery of all farming related products in 27000+ Pin codes across the country from IFFCO eBazar portal. They can seamlessly order online - seeds, fertilizers, agri machinery, pesticides, organic products and various other farm products - with no minimum order value through IFFCO eBazar portal. More than 3 crore registered YONO customers can be benefited with the integration of YONO Krishi and IFFCO eBazar. It must be noted that IFFCO eBazar is a 100% owned subsidiary of IFFCO Limited. Through its online B2C platform IFFCO eBazar sells variety of agro products. The platform is available in 12 languages through App (both Playstore and AppStore) and Portal. MD (Retail & Digital Banking) of SBI, C. S. Setty said, “With the integration of IFFCO Bazar on YONO Krishi, customers will now be able to purchase the high-quality farm inputs and agri machinery online. This is another step towards fulfilling the vision of the government of doubling the farmer’s income by 2022. With a Digital-First approach, it is part of our continuous endeavor to provide innovative digital banking solutions to all our customers across the country.” YONO Krishi platform has been catering to all the farmers’ agricultural needs, from sowing to harvesting. Available in 10 vernacular languages, besides Hindi and English YONO Krishi is providing convenient and advanced farming experience to the customers. In less than 3 years, YONO has grown by leaps and bounds. It has witnessed over 65 million downloads with more than 30 million registered users. YONO has partnered with over 80 e-commerce players in more than 20 categories. SBI's flagship banking and lifestyle platform – YONO is also tasting success in international markets like the UK and Mauritius.


    GADVASU Invites Applications for Online Training Courses for Dairy Farmers

    Department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), Ludhiana will soon start a specialized online training courses for dairy farmers.
    These courses will focus on Calf Management; Reproductive Management of Dairy Animals; Health Management of Dairy Animals; Nutritional Management during transition period; Udder Management; Hoof Management; Waste Management at Dairy Farm; Feed Manufacturing Operations; One Health (Human, Animal and Environment Interaction); Indigenous/Herbal Remedies for Dairy Animals.
    The first four courses will be for 10 days while the remaining would be of 5 days. Head of the Department, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma said those interested will have to download the registration proforma from university’s website - This proforma is also published in university’s monthly magazine, “Vigiyanak Pashu Palan”.
    The duly filled application form must be submitted to the office of the department by post or in person. After receiving at least 20 applications, the applicants will be informed individually for the start of the training programme and the training fees. The fees can be deposited by on-line mode in university’s bank account.
    The theory lectures for each training programme will be delivered daily from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm on Google meet or Zoom Apps. The successful candidates would be given certificate on the completion of the programme.


    How to Become an Agriculture Officer? Know Age, Eligibility, Salary & Other Important Details

    An agricultural officer post is one of the most prestigious and well-paid jobs in agriculture sector. A lot of respect and honour is attached to this job and every year thousands of students aim to bag this post. But, before you start preparing for the competitive exam to enter this field, read everything that you must know about this job. This will surely help you have a better idea about it and accordingly you can start with it.
    What is the Role of an agriculture officer?
    An agriculture officer has to ensure that all the agricultural practices & products are in lieu of the state & local regulations. His main task is to check, investigate, sample & test everything, so as to determine whether they are complying with the state & local rules and regulations.
    Eligibility criteria to become agriculture officer:-If you want to become an agriculture officer, then you will have to fulfill the following criteria;
    Should have a Bachelor’s Science degree in Agricultural Engineering / AgricultureShould have a degree in Biology & Agricultural ScienceThe maximum age to apply is 40 years
    Process of becoming an Agriculture Officer:-You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to become an agriculture officer;
    Go for a Degree program:-Before you apply for the Agriculture Officer post, make sure you have completed the required degree program. You can choose a degree in agricultural science, biology or any other related field. This would help you gain all the knowledge regarding agriculture science, agricultural business, integrated pest management, plant physiology, soil science and animal science. In addition, if you go for an internship then that will help you more when you given your agricultural officer exam.
    Choose an entry-level position:-If you go for an entry-level position then it will further improve your chances of getting the position of an agricultural officer. Try to keep yourself updated on all the entry-level positions that are related to this type of a job.
    Know how you want to go ahead:-After completing your degree program as well as initial work experience, you need to focus on how to proceed further. First of all, you need to decide as to where you want to work – in your preferred state or outside. Remember that the state you are allotted to will depend on your performance in examination. So the better you do, the better your chances are of getting the desired state. After that do proper research before you go on to work as an agricultural officer as this profession requires extensive knowledge regarding the field.
    Best agriculture universities in India:- ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi,G. B Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar,Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana,Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology of Jammu,Chaudhary Charan Singh, Haryana Agriculture University, Hisar,Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University, Hyderabad,Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,Kerala Agricultural University,Kerala Agricultural University,Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Jabalpur etc..Besides these at present we have many good agricultural colleges in India.
    What is the Salary of agriculture officer?
    Salary of agriculture officer is Rs. 40000 to Rs. 80000 depending upon the department or division he is working for.To conclude, being an agricultural officer is a matter of pride & repute. And if you get an opportunity of scoring this post then you will be able to lead a financially stable as well as secure life, even after retirement.


    Go for this Diesel Free, Low Cost Battery Powered Mini Tractor for Profitable Farming; Call Here for more details

    Want to make your faming profitable at a low cost? Here we will inform you about a tractor that you can buy at a low cost and drive without diesel. Yes, that’s right! A tractor has arrived in India which does not require diesel but works with battery. We are talking about a battery powered mini tractor which works without diesel.The mini tractor is launched by a tractor company called Sukoon solutions Pvt Ltd. The company named this powerful tractor as Nandi. It is a mini tractor and one of its interesting features is that it is pollution free. As you all know that pollution in our country is increasing day by day. The major causes of pollutions are diesel and petrol vehicles but this battery powered tractor is diesel free, thus causing no pollution.
    Features of Diesel Free Tractor:-
    In this battery powered mini tractor there is no tank for diesel.
    The biggest feature is that it does not cause pollution at all.
    These mini tractors are as powerful as 10 horsepower tractors coming in the market.
    Farmers can install batteries in these tractors according to their agricultural work.
    A larger model is also available in this tractor which is as powerful as a 50 horsepower tractor.
    The farmers are going through lot of problems as the price of diesel is also touching the sky. While working in the fields a lot of diesel is used in the tractor, due to which the expenses of the farmers are greatly increased and the savings are very less. So now, small and marginal farmers will not have to face problems for ploughing the field, as diesel free tractor is here.
    This tractor is capable of doing all the tasks of the farm and can prove to be very effective for farmers in the coming times, especially for small farmers.


    Download Krishi Dev Gyan Mobile App & Get All Information, Queries, Advice Related to Farming; Direct Link Inside

    Mobile App to for farmers: A special initiative has been taken by the subsidiary company of IFFCO, the leading cooperative fertilizer organization. This initiative has been taken to make the farming more profitable and environment friendly for the farmers. It will not only help farmers in agriculture, but also provide information related to it at the appropriate time.
    We are talking about the mobile app developed by the company. The app will provide appropriate information about farming to the farmers who will join this mobile app. This will be done through satellite and AI. Empowerment of farmers will be promoted through this app named 'Krishi Dev Gyan Mobile App'.So let’s understand what this app is, how does it work & its special features.
    What is 'Krishi Dev Gyan' Mobile App?
    'Krishi Dev Gyan' Mobile App is specially designed app to help farmers in agriculture. Satellite and AI will be used in this. Through this, farmers will be informed about their small and big farms. Along with this, the fertility of the soil and the lack or abundance of nutrients in it, weather conditions, need to use fertilizers, water, pesticides etc. will be told to the farmers.There are 2 types of equipment in 'Krishi Dev Gyan' Mobile App:
    A tool will give the smallest details of 2 to 3 acres of farmland. If there is an outbreak of pests or diseases in a particular part of the field, farmers will be alerted through this. Apart from this, which medicine will be used and in which part of the farm for crop productivity will also be informed.
    The second device, can give similar information about the farm spread over 2 to 3 km. It is being told that the areas of most of the farmers' fields are small and spread far and wide. With this, the situation of each farm is different. In such a situation, if the farmer has to get extensive information about a particular area, then with the help of IFFCO farmer, he can get subsidized equipment in the field.
    Equipment subsidized price:
    The subsidized price of the first device has been kept at around Rs 15000, while the cost of the second device is around Rs 35000-40000. Through this, farmers can increase the quality of the crop by using the right technologies. It has been learned that the farmers of Gujarat were trying to produce cumin exportable for the last 4 years. After training and information by IFFCO farmers, farmers have been successful in growing export quality cumin in the year 2020.
    Feature of Krishi Dev Gyan 'mobile app:
    This app collects the important data like the status, size, irrigation, variety of seeds, name of the crop, date of sowing etc.
    Based on this data, agricultural scientists and experts give advice to farmers.
    If a picture has been uploaded from the field, farmers are advised directly on their mobile number.
    There will be a complete description of diseases and pests and their solutions.
    Direct Link to download the app on your mobile.


    What is E- Gopala App and How it will Help Farmers

    To help livestock farmers amid the corona crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced E Gopala App under the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY) for farmers on 10th September 2020.
    While launching E Gopala App, the Prime Minister said that the app will give farmers the freedom from middlemen and provide all information related to productivity, health and diet for the cattle.
    "Along with the good breed of animals, the correct scientific information about their care is equally important. For this, technology has been continuously used for the past years. In this direction, the 'e-Gopala' app has been started today," he said.
    What is E Gopala App?
    E Gopala is a flagship program of the Government for the development of the agricultural sector in the country under the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana.
    How E Gopala App will Help Farmers?
    However, the Prime Minister said that E Gopala App is for the Farmers’ benefit across the nation. The main objective of the E GopaThe Prime Minister further said that so far about six thousand crore rupees have been deposited in the bank accounts of farmers of Bihar.
    "The e-Gopala app will be a digital medium that helps livestock owners. It will be easy to choose advanced livestock. They will get freedom from middlemen. This app will give all information related to productivity, health and diet for the cattle," he added.
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “People engaged in pisciculture will benefit largely from this scheme. It is our aim that in the next 3-4 years we double our production and give fisheries sector a boost.”
    The Prime Minister further said that so far about six thousand crore rupees have been deposited in the bank accounts of farmers of Bihar.
    "The PM Kisan Samman Nidhi has also directly transferred money to the bank accounts of more than 10 crore farmers of the country. There are about 75 lakh farmers in Bihar. So far, about 6 thousand crores have been deposited in the bank account of farmers of Bihar," he said.