Safety information:-

Whilst your Cutter Cum Spreader has been designed and manufactured to incorporate all necessary safety features it is absolutely essential that any person who operates or works on the machine is aware of the safety precautions

  • Cutter Cum Spreaders are designed and manufactured solely for the purpose of straw cutting.
  • Do not allow children or untrained persons to operate this implement.
  • Keep all people and animals away from the implement during startup, operating and when stopping.
  • Never place any part of the body underneath the implement or between moveable parts even when the engine has been turned off.
  • During routine checks and/or repairs ensure that no one can switch on the tractor or Implement accidentally. Keep the key to the tractor in your pocket.
  • Make sure all locking pins or (PTO) Shaft move freely, are well greased and are firmly seated in the tractor PTO splinted angular groove.
  • Do not operate the Cutter Cum Spreader with people or animals in the vicinity where they could be caught in the drive line mechanism or struck by objects flying from the Cutter Cum Spreader’s blades.
  • Never allow an inadequately trained person to attach or operate the Cutter Cum Spreader.
  • Do not operate the Cutter Cum Spreader whilst wearing loose clothing, unrestrained long hair, jewellery or anything which could become entangled in rotate become entangled in rotation components or limit your vision.
  • Wear ear protection when operating the cutter Cum Spreader on a tractor that is not fitted with a sound proofed cabin.
  • Before operating the Cutter Cum Spreader inspect the area to be cut to ensure that you are familiar with the ground conditions and in partially hidden.
  • Do not operate the Cutter Cum Spreader without all the tractor and Cutter Cum Spreader safety shields in place
  • Never allow any person to ride on the Cutter Cum Spreader or the tractor when the Cutter Cum Spreader is attached.
  • Check the oil level in the gearbox before operations.

General inspection:-

  • After the first two hours of operation and then before starting each day, check that all hardware is tight,in particular the blade bolts.Inspect for any damaged components and run the Cutter Cum Spreader to check
    for any vibration hardware is tight,in particular the blade bolts.Inspect for any damaged components and run the Cutter Cum Spreader to check
    for any vibration.

Gear box oil level:-

  • Before starting the Cutter Cum Spreader for the first time the oil level should be checked and if necessary fillto the level plug with good quality CL140 gear oil. Check the oil level each day before starting and top up if necessary.Periodically check for oil leaks by raising the Cutter Cum Spreader, switching off the engine and inspecting underneath.


  • Gearbox becomes hot during operation A burn may result if touched by exposed skin. It is necessary to change the gearbox oil periodically.


  • Inspect the blades and bolts daily before slashing. Carry out the check from the rear of the Cutter Cum Spreader with the tractor engine turned off, the parking brake applied and the Cutter Cum Spreader lowered to the ground so that it rests on its skids. New blades must always be filled in pairs to maintain correct balance. The cutting edges of lightly worn blades can be re ground but equal amounts should be removed from each blade to maintain balance.
  • Ensure the blade bolts are securely tightened after re-fitting the blades and test run the Cutter Cum Spreader to check for any vibration. Re-check the tightness after operating for a short while.

Operating technique:-

  • Power for operating a rotary cutter is supplied by the tractor PTO. The decal on the implement will indicate the correct setting. In many cases, this will be 540 rpm, but operators MUST always double check. Know how to stop tractor and Rotary Cutter quickly in case of emergency. Always make sure the correct PTO setting has been selected before starting the tractor.
  • Move into material slowly with the Rotary Cutter. Adjust tractor ground speed to provide a clean cut without straining the tractor engine. If tractor engine is straining, reduce amount of material being cut by taking a narrower pass. Ground speed will depend upon the terrain, the height, type and density of the material being cut.Always operate tractor PTO at 540rpm as specified in the “Specifications"This is necessary to maintain proper Blade speed and produce a clean cut.
  • A slower PTO speed will result in blades and bushes moving around due to the low centrifugal, which will lead to excessive wear.

Daily  Pre- Operation Checklist:-

  • Review and follow safety rules outlined in this manual.
  • Check Waterproof Manual Holder is attached to the deck and manual is in good condition inside
  • Check that implement is properly and securely attached to tractor.
    Set tractor PTO at 540 rpm.
  • Lubricate all grease fitting locations. Make sure PTO joints and shaft is well lubricated.
  • Check all hardware (i.e. bolts, nuts, shackles, chains, etc.) are properly secured and in good conditions.
  • Check blades are sharp and secure and cutting edge is positioned to lead when rotating anti clockwise.
  • Check cutting height, front to rear attitude and top link adjustment.
  • Ensure tractor PTO and transmissions are in neutral before starting engine.
  • Inspect area that you will be operating in and remove any object that may cause injury or damage.

Lights and Indications:-

  • Before transporting the machine on public roads, ensure that all legally required lights and indicators are in place. Ensure that lights and indicators are clean and in a good working order. Replace any missing or broken equipment.

Do not Step on Machine:-

  • Please never step on the machine, it may risk of falling or damage device.
  • Children’s as well as old age people are not allowed near the working area.

Precautions when driving on public roads:-

  • Dimensions:-
    Depending on the dimensions of the machine the relevant authorities to ensure that it can be legally transported. of oversize equipment.


  • Stones and other debris projected by the moving parts can travel a long distance. Always stay at a safe distance from the machine.
  • Keep Away from the rotary elements and from the machine all the time the engine is running, the PTO is engaged and the rotors are running.

PTO  Shaft:-

  • Use only PTO shafts supplied with the machine recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure that the PTO shaft guards and secured with the safety chains provided.
  • Do not wear loose clothing that could be caught in the rotating PTO Shaft.
  • Before removing or attaching the PTO shaft, or before doing any work on the machine, disengage the PTO drive, turn off the engine, remove the ignition key and wait for all the moving parts have come to a
    complete stop.
  • Ensure that the PTO shaft is always correctly fitted and locked into place.
  • Before connecting the PTO Speed and direction of rotating are in the line with manufacturer’s recommendation.

Peculation when coupling:-

  • Before attaching the machine, make sure that it cannot accidentally start moving (chock the wheels) and that the parking stand is in the right position.
  • Never stand between the tractor and the machine when operating the rear remote control level of the three point linkage.
  • Do not stand between the tractor and the machine without that the parking brake is applied.