”VIDHATA” Multi-crop Threshers are capable of running compatible with tractor from 2 HP to 40 HP. These threshers are suitable for threshing crops like wheat, maize, sorghum, grains, sunflower, ragi, millets, mustard & pulses etc.
”VIDHATA” Multi-crop Threshers consists of crop feeding chute, threshing cylinder having stud type beaters/ blades blowers, set of sieves, sieve casing, flywheel, pulleys, main shaft high quality bearings, grain and straw outlet etc. Different variants available for these threshers are – self-feeding chute, double blower, double speed, etc.
Beater studs separate the grains and the blades of the threshing cylinder. Chaff and dust, along with other impurities are winnowed away by the blower. The clear grain is collected through sieves, which are changeable depending on the crop to be threshed. Extra fan cleans the grains. Special ‘worm attachment’ is fixed to grain outlet, to collect grains in tractor trolley.


  • Robust Construction.
  • 50% extra output then other threshers.
  • High quality material like steel, bearings, pulleys, V-belts etc.
  • Provision of adjusting the cylinder and concave.
  • Provision of wheels for easy transportation.
  • Provision for speed variation for different crops.
  • Extra safety covers are provided over pulleys, flywheel. V-belts to avoid any accident.
  • More efficiency resulting in better performance in less fuel consumption.
  • Stringently inspected components by the qualified engineers before fitment.

Our multicropthresher diesel engine or electric motor drive multicrop thresher manufacturer in India . Multicrop Threshers can be run through diesel engine 02 to 40 h.p. diesel engines or electric motor. The multicrop thresher attached by pulley shaft to engine and these multicrop thresher also called universal thresher due to technology used in design of these multicrop threshers which is latest in modern Asia and Africa.

Why these are called multicrop thresher (UNIVERSAL THRESHER)

  1. You can thresh any type of crops in these multicrop threshers by changing concave grill installed in main drum.
  2. Different size of concave grill’s available for these multicrop thresher, available from 2 mm to 20mm can be used in all type of crops such as Wheat Including ancient varieties such as spelt, einkorn, emmer, chia, Peru quinoa, Senegal Paddy (Rice), Ghana Maize (Corn), UgandsSunflower, Millet,African Sorghum,Ragi, African Soya bean, Horsegram, Red Gram, Jawar, Bengalgram, Blackgram, Coriander ,South American Pinto bean, Indian Rajma, Indian moong, all type of cereals
  3. Standerd Multicrop thresher come with 2 two blower and one forward blower for 100 % cleaning of crops, Special multicrop threshers available with Variable speed blowers and extra blower attachments for light super foods like teff and quinoa.
  4. Gravity cyclone installed for fine cleaning
  5. Beeter drum is fully flexible with size of studs and beeter’s can be installed with different size and length of hamers with options for blade that used in wet crops.
  6. Special shaking sieve installed in all our threshers for dust removal.
  7. Our multicrop threshers make special fodder for animals
  8. All our multicrop threshers are high quality with long life and low maintainance cost.

The Multicrop Thresher has been developed primarily for those countries whose wheat or barley wheat, soyabean, grams, peas, sorghum and oats is the major crop and where finely broken straw (tibben or bhusa) is an important animal feed.
The reason these machines are so special is that they process the majority of the straw into finely broken 2 to 3cm lengths.

The machine is also suitable for pulse and oil seeds.

The design has been perfected as a result of a thorough programme of field testing in India and Africa.