General information:-

The Hydraulic Reversible Plough comes with a precisely hardened and tempered mould board which facilitates best in class soil inversion. This ensures the percolated nutrients and moisture below reach the topsoil for primary consumption of plants and exposes the sub-surface soil to sunlight which kills harmful bacteria, fungi. It also buries crop residues deep into the soil for speedy decomposition thus keeping a check on weed growth. The high under frame clearance also doesn’t tamper the ridge and furrows. Farmers now need not burn their crop residue!

A message to our customers:-

  • We appreciate the confidence placed in us by your purchase of this machine. Before this machine was brought to market, countless hours were spent designing and testing to ensure that its performance would be at the highest level.
  • To achieve maximum performance, it is imperative this machine be operated in accordance with the procedures outlined in this manual.

Customer Responsibility:-

  • It is the Customer or Operator’s responsibility to read the Operator’s Manual, to operate, lubricate, maintain and store the product in accordance with all instructions and safety procedures.
  • Failure of the operator to read the Operator’s Manual is a misuse of this equipment. It is the Customer’s or Operator’s responsibility to inspect the product and to have any parts repaired or replaced when continued operation would cause damage or excessive wear to other parts or cause safety hazards.

Instructions to use the implement:-

  • Ensure before operating the plough for the first _me that you have thoroughly read and taken note of this operating manual and the safety precautions (”For your own safety”).
  • All persons operating this unit must be properly trained and qualified with regard to use maintenance and safety requirements.
  • Not paying attention when working with machine. Operators needs to react to changing conditions as the implement does it work. Make sure all equipment is in good working order if required.
  • Three point linkages are suitable for category 1 type implements failure to turn of the tractor and implements power and to wait for the machine to stop moving.
  • It starts at one boundary of the field and ends at the opposite with turns being made on the    headlands

Safety precautions:-

Prevent injuries:

  1. Do not allow anyone to remain between the tractor and the unit while it is being coupled or uncoupled. Likewise, do not stand between the tractor and the plough when operating the hydraulic external controls.
  2. There is a danger of suffering crush injuries or amputation in the area of the three-point linkage/plough head stock, and also when carrying out width adjustments or turning. Ensure each time the plough is used, and while it is being towed, that no one is standing nearby.
  3. never allow anyone to climb onto or ride on the plough, or remain in the danger area (swing-out zone). Do not carry out adjustment or maintenance tasks before first lowering the unit on the ground. Use the correct tools and wear suitable protective gloves when fitting parts with cutting edges.
  4. Lock the hydraulic controls fitted to the tractor when transporting the unit. This is to prevent accidental activation.
  5. Never leave the tractor unattended without first lowering the plough, cutting off the engine and removing the ignition key. Before starting up for the first time - and after any prolonged period without use - check all screws and bolts for tightness, ensure all bearings are sufficiently greased, check the hydraulic system for leaks and ensure the tires are inflated to the correct pressure.Features:-


  • Multi Speed Gear Box
  • Rear adjustable levelling bar
  • Special Hardened Mould Board
  • Powder coated
  • Three point hitch Cat II-III

Voiding Of Guarantee:-

  • This plough is designed and built exclusively for normal agricultural use. Use for any other purpose will be regarded as unauthorized operation, and no liability will be accepted for any damage or injury that may occur as a result.
  • Any use of accessories and/or parts from other suppliers (consumables or spares) that has not been approved by AVTAR KALSI AGRO WORKS will void all guarantee liabilities.

On- land Ploughing:-

  • On-land ploughing provides many benefits: greater grip, improving the power-transmission on the soil, and lower soil compaction.

Two working width Adjustment System Available:-


  • The working width of each plough share can be set manually over 3 steps, pivoting the bodies around the beam supports. In this way, each body width can be increased by 2 in.

Designed to reduce Wearing cost:-

The mould board is directly responsible for the quality of the overturning of the soil and residues. The standard versions are made by Hardened steel for a total thickness of 8mm. Our range of mould boards allows working depth up to 20 cm.

Forged Plowshare:-

  • Mould boards are fixed with specially designed plowshares. Their particular shape provides an optimal furrow penetration, horizontal soil cutting and an outstanding ploughing performance.

Extra study points:-

  • All points are forged from special steels. The heat treatment makes the points extremely sturdy for a long lasting life in all conditions.

Field Adjustment:-

  • Top link adjustment: For plough to perform correctly, top link should be adjustable so that the plough frame is parallel to the ground. Use the slotted hole in the plough head-stock with the pin central in the hole during ploughing for tractor with lower link arm sensing. This will allow the plough to move freely during operation and provide quick penetration of the soil at the headlands
  • Level Adjustment: it is very important the plough legs are upright and 90 Degree to the land being ploughed. This will ensure the plough will penetrate the soil and that all the land is ploughed level and at the same depth. If adjusted incorrectly, the plough will not run straight behind the tractor due to high forces on either the mould board or landsides. The furrow will also be uneven in height. Plough not upright but leaning in towards work in both ploughing directions. as a Result poor penetration, wide front furrow, top link of line with the central of the tractor and furrow uneven.
  • Plough not upright but leaning away from work in both ploughing directions. as a narrow front furrow, top link of line with the central of the tractor and furrow uneven.

Before you can achieve good ploughing, it is essential that both the tractor and the plough are properly prepared.

  • Tractor tyre pressure must be equal on the same axel for all reversible ploughs.
  • Hydraulic male and female coupling must match to avoid back pressure.
  • Rear 3 point linkage lite arms must be equal in length.
  • Always set the disc coulters before skimmers for optimum performance.
  • Never set skimmers deeper than 10cm and ensure all operate at the same depth.
  • Ensure depth wheel adjustment is equal in length on reversible ploughs.
  • Ensure the front furrow width is equal to the plough setting for even furrow.
  • Look closely for the equal amount of soil on mould boards for furrow uniformity.
  • Demonstration and operational success only follow good plough preparation.
  • Rigid stabilizers are essential for correct operation of semi mounted plough.
  • Adequate horse power for the size of plough is essential for optimum performance.
  • Never use the phone while working.

Precautions when Driving:-

  • Drive speed must be adapted to ground conditions as well as to road and paths. Always avoid abrupt changes of direction.
  • Be particularly cautious when turning corners, paying attention to machine overweight, length, height and weight.
  • Never leave the tractor seat while machine is working.
  • Carrying people or animals on the machine when working or in transporting is strictly forbidden.

Precautions When Driving on Public Roads:-


  • Depending on the dimensions of the machine the relevant authorities to ensure that it can be legally transported on public roads.
  • If the machine is over and maximum legal size, follow the local regulation for special transport of oversize equipment.
  • Before operating the machine, ensure that all the safety guard is firmly in place and in good condition.
  • Immediately replace any worn or damage guard.
  • Safety is the first; please do not compromise with safety while working on machine, because it can
  • cause major injuries or death so always be aware about the safety instructions.

Lights and indications:-

  • Before transporting the machine on public roads, ensure that all legally required lights and indicators are in place. Ensure that lights and indicators are clean and in a good working order. Replace any missing or broken equipment.