AAY – Antyodaya Anna Yojana

AE –  Advance Estimate

AGDP – Gross Domestic Product from Agriculture

APL –  Above Poverty Line

BE – Budget Estimates

BPL  – Below Poverty Line

CACP  – Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices

CBB  – Commercial Bank Branch

CCE  – Crop Cutting Experiments

CCI  – Cotton Corporation of India

CDSBO –  Crude Degumed Soyabean Oil

CES  – Crop Estimation Surveys

CFA  – Central Financial Agency

CIF  – Cost, Insurance & Freight

CIP  – Central Issue Price

CPI-IW –  Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers

CWWG  – Crop Weather Watch Group

DAC & FW – Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare

DAP – Di Ammonium Phosphate

DES – Directorate of Economics and Statistics

E – Estimated

FAO – Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nations

FAQ – Fair Average Quality

FAPRI – Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute

FCI – Food Corporation of India

FDI – Foreign Direct Investment

FFB – Fresh Fruit Bunch

FOD – Field Operations Division of NSSO

FRL – Full Reservoir Level

FYM – Farm Yard Manure

GCA – Gross Cropped Area

GCES – General Crop Estimation Survey

GCF – Gross Capital Formation

GDP – Gross Domestic Product

GNP – Gross National Product

GSDP – Gross State Domestic Product

GVA – Gross Value Added

Ha – Hectares

HYV – High Yielding Varieties

I – Irrigated

IAS – Improvement of Agricultural Statistics

ICAR  – Indian Council of Agricultural Research

ICOR – Incremental Capital Output Ratio

ICS –  Improvement of Crop Statistics

IGC –  International Grains Council

KCC – Kisan Credit Card

KMPH – Kilometers Per Hour

MIS – Market Intervention Scheme

MNCFC –  Mahalanobis National Crop Forecast Centre

MSCCGMF – Maharashtra State Co-operative Cotton Growers

  Marketing Federation

MSP – Minimum Support Price

MSR – Marketed Surplus Ratio

NC – Not Collected

NCAER – National Council of Applied Economic Research

NQ – Not Quoted

NAFED – National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation of India Limited

NCAER – National Council of Applied Economic Research

NDDB – National Dairy Development Board

NNP – Net National Product

NR – Not Recommended/ Not Reported

NS – New Series Estimates

NSA – Net Sown Area

NSSO – National Sample Survey Organisation

OECD – Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development

OPDP – Oil Palm Development Programme

PACS – Primary Agricultural Credit Society

PDS – Public Distribution System

PLDB – Primary Land Development Bank

PMFBY – Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana

PSE – Producers Support Estimate

PSEs – Public Sector Enterprises

PSS – Price Support Scheme

QE – Quick Estimate

R&D – Research & Development

R&M – Rapeseed & Mustard

RMC – Regional Ministers Conference

RE – Revised Estimates

RRBB – Regional Rural Bank Branch

SCB – State Cooperative Bank

SDP – State Domestic Product

SASA – State Agricultural Statistical Authority

SHC – Soil Health Card

SLDB – State Land Development Bank

SRS – Sample Registration Scheme

SSP – Single Super Phosphate

TE – Triennium Ending

TD-5 – Tossa Deshi variety of jute

TPDS – Targeted Public Distribution System

TRQ – Tariff Rate Quota

TRRM – Tropical Rains Measuring Mission

TT – Tentative Targets

UI – Un-irrigated

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture

WPI – Wholesale Price Index

WTO – World Trade Organisation

Y – Yield (Index Number of Yield) per hectare